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Excellent list, thank you Trung! I'd also recommend Kings on the Catwalk for anyone who wants to learn more about luxury conglomerate. It is focused on Bernard Arnault taking over LVMH in its early years, so a lot of older history you can't find elsewhere.

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Hey Trung, Thank you for the list!!

You said that you selected 80 titles and you posted 40 in this post. Did you make another post about the remaining 40 books?

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That’s a great list, I’m sure I won’t read them all but I’ll pick my favourites :-)

I work in manufacturing and a favourite book of mine, which is used in courses across the world is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Goal_(novel) The Goal by Eli Goldratt which teaches the theory of constraints and the Socratic method through a series of scenarios woven onto a very readable novel.

Having said that, you have enough to read right now!

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> As it happens, there is no group better prepared to make memes about an M&A deal they don't like than people that use Figma.

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Thank you for this wonderful post. Are there any books on the insurance industry that you would recommend? Thank you again.

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