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The Sanrio name is derived from an alternative reading of 'Yamanashi' (prefecture, where Tsuji is from) which would be 'san + ri' and 'king' which is 'o.' Though the one mentioned here would definitely be easier for Western interpretation πŸ˜‚

I enjoy reading Tsuji's monthly letter as the Strawberry King in the monthly Sanrio newspaper called the Strawberry Newspaper (it's in Japanese). Still going strong at 90+ years old! It's a lovely read every month. Don't think Sanrio operates like Disney which is very much a money machine - their mission seems to be more making customers happy with little things 😊

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There is (or at least was about 10 years ago) Hello Kitty sparkling pink wine. It was terrible so I wouldn't hold out much hope for tequila.

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β€œIn a guaranteed home run, Warner Bros did announce a 10-year long Harry Potter TV series.”

It's a long, long way from here to there. As the past few years have shown conclusively, there is no franchise so solid that a gang of woke retards can't ruin it. Just wait! We'll have gay Harry, trans Hermione, and well that ginger guy. And they will band together to fight white supremacy at Hogwarts.

You think I'm kidding?

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"(critics of 'no mouth' say it is a form of muffling female speech and empowerment)"

Lol! There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that feminist spite will leave alone.

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