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The camera has certainly pushed artists to reinvent painting, but has also given rise to a new art that uses it: photography.

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Vincent, Don McLean, and Tupac! Wow, what a connection. Thanks for this.

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This article shares a number of beautiful points. ✨️

What I loved considering MOST is the parallel between the history of early 1800s and now, between the immergence of photography and the immergence of AI tech.

If the impressionist painters of that time embraced their voice in their art, they need not fear the changes of their day: the possibility of tech taking over their jobs.

As an impressionist painter, I feel a connection there.

"Up to this point, the norm for having “a portrait done" was to commission a painter. Portrait painting of everyday people was not glamorous."

The artists were actually more inspired with the changes and realized their work is more than documentation, but is indeed a voice for themselves as well.

Love your take on this history and the current events, @trungphan2 ! Thanks!!!

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The premise of this piece, on how the ubiquity of the camera and its impact on portraits led to the birth of Impressionism, and by extension, "Fauvism, Cubism and on to the complete abstraction of the middle of the twentieth century" – and how an analogous, jarring transition for artists is now occurring with generative AI – is fascinating. Thanks so much!

(That pair of posts by 'pipkin42', in answer to that Reddit question about the former, are astonishingly good, too.)

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